Essential Pieces of Furniture to keep in the Bedroom


Buying pieces of furniture for the bedroom is a challenging task but with an artistic sense, forethought and proper survey of the market you can buy the right bedroom furniture that can dramatically transform a neutral bedroom space into a plush interior. Bed, nightstand, dresser, vanity, chests, mirrors, desks are some of the essential furniture required for a bedroom. Carefully choose each piece of furniture for your convenience and to give your bedroom an inviting look.

The Essential Pieces of Furniture for the Bedroom:

Bed Frame:

Bed is undoubtedly an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom and is available in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. The sizes of beds available in the market are twin, full, queen, king and the California king size. Choose the size of your bed according the bedroom size so that it fits into it and looks proportionate. Some beds are also available with headboards and footboards and customers should purchase that type of bed frame that can be accommodated in his bedroom.


Vanity is a sophisticated piece of furniture that can add a touch of class to a bedroom. This piece of furniture is required for grooming purposes, such as applying makeup, styling hair and so on. From the functional point of view, a vanity is used for storing cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. They are available with mirrors and drawers that are fixed on the table top.


This is another vital piece of furniture to be used in the bedrooms. It serves to keep bed lamps and alarm clocks adjacent to bed for the purpose of providing light for reading. Nightstands are available in a multitude trends, patterns and styles. They are crafted from variety of wood like mahogany, oak, pine, teak wood and are packed with two or three drawers or no drawers at all.


The dresser helps to keep the bedroom organized as it serves to store various kinds of apparels and related fashion accessories. Dressers are available in a host of styles, trends and sizes and are available in the simple three drawer design to the complicated six to the nine drawer types. Dressers are crafted from teak wood, mahogany and etc. They are etched to impeccable finish in Tudor brown, silver, black paint and etc.


The chest is another must have furniture in the bedroom. The main purpose of a chest is to store items. It could be any items from clothes, accessories, jewelry and etc. A chest is rectangular in shape and equipped with a lid. Chests are crafted from wood and sport an elegant look. They contribute appreciably to the opulent interior décor of a bedroom.

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