Innovative Winter Interior Decor Ideas


With gloomy winter season round the corner, it is the time to enhance the interior décor with a warm inviting look with pops of peppy color. Rearrange furniture and move towards your hearth for extra warmth and coziness. Throw in cashmeres, soft, cushion pillows and rugs for a snug feel. Layering is a must to beat the winter chill. Layer your bed with textured bedding, pillows, throws and so on. Bask in the winter sunshine in your living room and toast your cold feet in a soft, cushion rug. Bring some warmth into your haven with some cheery winter décor ideas.

Winter Interior Décor Ideas:

1) Pep-Up with Cheery Colors: Purchase a recliner from our Exclusive Furniture store for your living room for the lazy winter afternoons and stack it up with bright pillows flaunting bold patterns. We are renowned for our furniture, which is obvious from the positive Exclusive Furniture reviews we receive from our customers. Give your room a spark with the interplay of cheery shades and rich fabric.

2) Brighten up with Natural Light: Hanging a mirror on the wall is a good way to make use of the natural light and scatter it throughout the room. Transform the mirror into a decorative eye-catching display by painting the mirror frame.

3) Add Warmth: You can invest in a good dining table and comfortable side chairs. Cover these chairs with slip covers. Chic, white slip covers add dash of elegance and impart warmth to the living room. These slipcovers are very handy as can easily be removed for cleaning and upkeep.

4) Layering Looks Luxe: Transform your bedroom into a cozy haven with layered bedding, lavish cashmere throw and plush bedding pillows.

5) Snug Sheepskin Rug: Warm up your cold feet on a toasty sheepskin rug either placed right beside your bed on the floor or tossed on an ottoman.

6) Comfy Carpet: A fluffy carpet can add texture and warmth to a living room. A white cushiony carpet or rug is not only a style statement and a feast for the eyes; it brings along with it a sense of warmth and belonging.

7) Fireplace Makeover: Focus on your hearth to give it that warmth and inviting look. A large mirror on the wall above your fire place gives it a majestic charm. A lovely decorated frame of a mirror adds style to the living room.

8) Cozy Corner: It is a blissful feeling to snug up by the window with a cup of hot coffee and good book on a cold winter morning. It is a good idea to make a chair or recliner cozy with heaps of soft, cushion pillows. It is the perfect place to soak up the warm sunshine or doze off for a siesta.

9) Pillow Play: Dabble with vibrant color pillows in bold red, orange or purple hues against creamy white sectional, to perk up the aura of the room. Choose from the accent pillows with splashes of bold patterns and shades.

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