How to Buy Your Living Room Furniture: Tips by Exclusive Furniture


Your living room is the place where you spend most of your time as a family. It is also that room where your guests spend most of their time, and the first place where your guests’ glances land. You, for sure want to want to create the best first impression. So how much thought have you put into picking out those pieces of furniture? Have you charted out a plan about the spatial alignment, to begin with? No? Then let’s do this together, step by step.

1. What do you need: The first thing to do is to set our needs straight and make a list. Make a plan as to how you want to use the room. If you have young kids, then your furniture has to sustain some wear and tear and you will need the tough strain-resistant kind of furniture. Otherwise you could also go for the more delicate and elegant kind. Either ways comfort is the most important thing your furniture pieces should be able to offer. If you have a small place, you need to figure out what you don’t need so you don’t end up cluttering the place.

2. Measure the space: Now that you have got the basics in place, create a floor plan. Figure out how much space each piece of furniture is going to take and how you want the furniture to be aligned. Don’t forget to calculate the space that you need to leave between the furniture, you don’t want to be squeeze your legs every time you walk across. Most importantly, measure your doorways, if the furniture can’t go through your door, everything is going wrong.

3. Pick a theme: It’s time to allow yourself the luxury of picking a theme. Observe your living room, what amount of natural light do you have, what is the architecture of your living room. Form a mental picture of what you want your living room to represent. Do you want a modern touch, or a contemporary style, or are you a fan of the old world charm taking you back to the Victorian era.

4. Bring it together: With the picture of your interior in mind, when you finally set out to pick the pieces that are going into, you will come across a variety of designs and options and tend to get carried away. What you need to do is go back to the basics, stick to the plan and narrow down to what you came for. When thrown together, all the pieces of the furniture should complement each other and fit like a puzzle.

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