Get Ideas To Offer A New Look To Your Old Wood Furniture


Indeed, even furniture that resembles a miserable case can be recovered by dissolving the split shellac surface with denatured liquor. However, you need to make sure to test the piece first and distinguish the type of finish. Most furniture made before 1920 had a defensive shellac wrap up. After some time, shellac obscures, breaks and should be evacuated.

Chemical strippers might turn out to be too harsh for doing this project and hence it is good to work with denatured alcohol instead. It drenches into the shellac and helps in breaking down the finish so it can be wiped off. You need to remember in this regard that this method won’t influence polyurethane, which shapes a plastic-like covering that must be sanded off. Shellac or old varnish can be distinguished by a dark crackled wrap up. Crackling is caused with age and brings about changes in temperature. Polyurethane does not fall apart like this.

Consult with an expert

To get such information you can check over the internet or visit a well known furniture manufacturer and consult accordingly. If you are searching for such a helpful organization, Exclusive Furniture is the name to consider. We are the leading furniture maker and once you contact with us, you will get all suggestion regarding how to give a face lift to your old wood furniture. If you wish, you can also check our huge range of furniture and pick a new wood furniture exchanging your old one. However, before you take the final decision, you are free to check for Exclusive Furniture Reviews available over the internet. If you are following our suggestions till now then go through the below mentioned process too.

Strip off the surface

Start the way toward stripping down the surface by setting a lot of daily papers down to shield the floor from trickles and spills. Wear elastic gloves and keep another ready in hand in the event that the first ones get excessively sticky from the broke down shellac. Make sure to work in a very much ventilated territory. Expel any doors or drawers and resurface them independently. Unscrew all apparatuses, handles, and pivots and refinish them if required.

Choose your surface properly

A horizontal plane is the best surface to work on. Pour a solid measure of denatured liquor on your chosen surface. Utilize paper towels to delicately spread liquor around. Sit tight a few minutes for the liquor to enter the wrap up. Wipe off liquor and dissolve the finish using paper towels. Use more liquor as essential for obstinate territories. A delicate brush is useful for evacuating intense spots. Ensure the shading is even. Rehash a similar procedure to repaint the surfaces of the drawers. Make the drawers stand on end so that the drawer countenances are flat. Repeat the same to complete the sides and front of the furniture also.

The bottom line

If you have been following our advice till now, then do this step too. When the majority of the old coating is expelled from the furniture, utilize a water solution and a gentle cleanser to wash off all the redesigned surfaces and ensure they are spotless. Make the surface using a clean cloth In the event that you find all these steps to be too complicated, simply buy new wood furniture from us. However, before doing the same do not forget to check Exclusive Furniture Reviews.