The Most Sought After Autumn Colors for the Living Room


Fall is the perfect time of the year to give a living room a makeover. During this time, the popular festivals of Thanks Giving and Halloween are celebrated with a lot of gusto all over USA. Hence it is essential to do up the house before hosting a party. Consider the following shades while doing the interior décor of the living room.

Most Sought After Autumn Colors for the Living Room:

1) Dusty Cedar: This is a perfect fall color that can bring a spark to the living room instantly. This is a very peppy and lively color and an absolute must for the season.

2) Warm Taupe: This shade imparts a natural look to the living space and makes it look ethereal. This earthy tone coupled with the airy blue perks up the décor of the living room.

3) Airy Blue: This mesmerizing shade boosts the neutral hue of warm Taupe and thus these two colors should be used together to give a magical touch to this space.

4) Spicy Mustard: This bold shade of orange perfectly reflects the feel of autumn. Apply this color on a single wall and adorn it with centerpieces and trinkets for a dramatic effect.

5) Dark Orange-Red: This magnificent shade beautifully portrays the season autumn. It is the color of the fall leaves and the peppy pumpkins. This arresting color should be balanced with light décor for an awe-inspiring look.

6) Merlot Red: This striking rustic shade on the back wall adjacent to the stairs transforms the look of the living room significantly and imparts it a fall charm.

7) Garnet: This bold red shade imparts a show stopping look to a living room. For a more riveting look white wall accents, accessories and furniture should be used.

8) Beige: Soft beige can do wonders to a living room. Golden pillows, curtains and other simple details in gold add to the opulent vibe.

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