Choosing the Right Coffee Table


A coffee table is a very essential piece of furniture in the living room. Apart from serving the various functions like a place for serving coffee or meals and playing board games and puzzles, a coffee table plays a vital role in the interior décor of a house. A classy coffee table imparts a charm to a living room and hence should be chosen very carefully.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Coffee Table:

Shape and Size: Size is undoubtedly the most important aspect to consider while selecting a coffee table for the living room. It should certainly be proportionate to the size of the living room. The thumb rule is to choose a table 2 inches below the sofa seat height and average coffee tables range between 16 inches to 18 inches.

The second most important thing to consider after size is the shape of the coffee table. Homeowners with very young children would prefer round tables opposed to the sharp ones. For spacious living rooms square coffee tables are ideal as opposed to the round or rectangular ones as they take up more space. Moreover the shape of tables is determined by the taste and preference of the buyer and should be in harmony with the other furniture of the living room.

Function: After size and shape, function is the next important aspect to consider while buying coffee tables. If you are short of space you might want to buy a coffee table with adequate storage space in the form of shelves, spaces and drawers for storing magazines, books and so on.

Aesthesis: Last but not the least the look of the table is important as it can dramatically transform the look of a living room. You can choose from an array of options ranging from the metal, steel and glass coffee tables to the classy ones crafted from maple, oak and cherry to perk up the interior décor of your living room significantly.

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