Exclusive Furniture– Quality At Low Price Guaranteed

1408_520_360_c1Exclusive Furniture has welcomed everyone to their family since they have started their business. The business, which is based on fair values, ethics, family first, and a set of principles rare to find in modern businesses, runs by the virtue of word of mouth, and has grown into something truly substantial. It is one of the finest furniture stores in the area it serves, and though they have grown in size and stature over the past two decades, the values have always remained the same. They remain true to their motto of ‘Where Low Prices Live’, and don’t charge any premium over the premium furniture designs and quality they showcase to their prospective customers for sale. Exclusive Furniture Reviews show us the quality they have maintained over the years.

Tradition and Family

When Sam Zavary opened the first store almost 18 years back, it was in Almeda Mall in Houston’s South side in partnership with his father. The partnership has continued, and grown strong with other members of the family joining. It is their endeavor, therefore, to understand the families and their requirements better than their competition. They don’t believe in minting money. Sam’s brothers Fawad and Sheroo, and sister Fauzia, have been one of the backbones of the family business now, especially in the times when they have expanded and reached new levels. They have managed to take that extra step in satisfaction of their customers and Exclusive Furniture Reviews display just that knack of surprising the customers.

The Growth

In life in general, and business in particular, if you’re not going forward then you’re heading backwards. The general trend with businesses are about being able to foresee how things will pan out in future, and with Exclusive Furniture, foresight has been generally good because their audience has been receptive of their products and services quality. The first showroom was hardly 2000 square feet. But the growth chart includes two additional unites which were established in 2001. A warehouse in Southwest Houston- which has become a home office, was booked with a down payment in the year 2005.

The growth story grew with positive Exclusive Furniture Reviews. The Northwest Freeway Premises were breached in 2006 with a new store. Almeda Mall saw a second showroom of theirs being opened too. Another new location was bought on the west of Houston in 2013. With plans for 52,000 square feet megastore being pinned since 2015, at Highway 99 & Belfort- which will push the range of Exclusive Furniture beyond what it is now- the template for future expansion is already set. The new collection for youth furniture, and the supplier galleries are part of the new template. Sam says ‘We Want Exclusive Furniture to be the first place customers think of when they are looking to furnish their homes. So the focus is on a thorough and complete collection, and an unmatched pricing levels. They will continue to grow to make sure the people can get the best of the pricing with the finest of furniture.