Get Exclusive Decor for Your Home with Exclusive Furniture


Exclusive Furniture came into existence almost two decades ago, on June 18, 1998. Since their establishment, this furniture store has come a long way with their consistent hard work and eventual success. Sam Zavary, the owner of the store in collaboration with his family toiled hard to turn their tiny store of 2000 sq. ft. area into a grand 25000 sq. ft. showroom. The store also expands in another 6 retail branches located in different places of Houston, Texas. With a great number of loyal customers accumulated since their start, Exclusive Furniture today, is a big name in the furniture world.

The credit for the success of Exclusive Furniture not only goes to their relentless hard work and dedication but also to their superior quality and cost-effective products that speak of total value for money. They totally live up to their tagline “Where low prices live” by categorizing their products in different price ranges so that customers from all income groups can avail their furniture. Their slogan is not just a catchy line to attract the customers but a promise to assure the customers that they have the right to choose furniture according to their budget.

Exclusive Furniture creates a tremendous impression with their wide category of furniture collection that ranges from casual, traditional, contemporary and modern. They also have a separate section of furniture collection exclusively for the kids with their favorite designs, characters, and colors. Such freedom of choice and ideas make Exclusive Furniture a top favorite among the customers, both old and young. Apart from the enthralling range of furniture collection, the store also houses other home furnishings to give a complete look to your home.

Choose from their fantastic collection of rugs, curtains, mats available in different designs and shades to match your home style and furniture. Be it for the residence or office, Exclusive Furniture has all kinds of furniture and home décor at budget-friendly prices. Their bulk production of furniture enables them to meet the demand supply ratio with ease and their skilled labors make it possible for increased productivity and timely delivery.

In addition to their exclusive furniture collection and cost-effective price range, Exclusive Furniture also has a strong customer base that can be known from the Exclusive Furniture Reviews on their website. In the Exclusive Furniture Reviews, one can get an idea of the loyalty of their customers and the level of satisfaction the customers have developed for their products. This reputation of Exclusive Furniture has not developed within a day or a week but has accumulated over the years with the consistent performance of their products.

All Exclusive Furniture products come with a one-year warranty that takes care of any kind of manufacturing defects. The customers can also avail the five-year warranty policy to protect their furniture from the daily wear and tear. Exclusive Furniture also provides excellent customer support to take care of any inquiries and concerns of the customers that can be found from the testimonials of Exclusive Furniture Reviews online.

Exclusive Furniture: A Reliable Name in Home Decor


Every homeowner desires a classic and rich collection of home furniture and décor items at affordable prices. To give that desire an exciting shape, Exclusive Furniture brings you trendy, stylish and classic collection of furniture and home décor items to deck up your room within your budget.

Starting their journey from Alameda Mall, Houston City, United States, Exclusive Furniture has come a long way and today, it is the proud owner of six mega showrooms of furniture sprawled across Houston city.

Exclusive Furniture Houses Exclusive collection of Furniture Items

From the exclusive furniture reviews, it can be known how popular the collection of Exclusive Furniture is. They have a variety of furniture that are categorized into living room, bedroom, dining room, guest room, kids room and other home décor accessories and house décor items to offer to their customers. Also choose from the contemporary designs and modern furniture like love seats, reclining chairs, sectional couches, designer chairs, coffee tables, ottomans, etc.

If you are on the lookout for leather sofas, then you would find plenty of options like leather sectionals, exclusive leather recliners, leather ottomans, and leather love seats. For a grand dining experience, choose from beautiful sets like bar stools, server stands, buffets, dining table sets, benches, designer wall mirrors and many more which are in trend.

Exclusive Furniture Reviews:

To get a clear idea about the different product ranges and quality of Exclusive Furniture, you can check out the exclusive furniture reviews from online. The exclusive furniture reviews reflect the satisfaction from numerous customers who are extremely happy with the quality of furniture and friendly staff of the company.

Exclusive Furniture Provides:

1) True value for money
2) Exceptional range of designs and styles
3) Quality products and satisfactory service
4) On-time delivery system
5) Budget-friendly price rates

The new buyers generally make it a point to buy all the house furniture from Exclusive Furniture, the reason being their classic collection, affordable price range and timely delivery. In case of any problem or inconvenience, the friendly and helpful staff of Exclusive Furniture is ever ready to help their valuable customers.

Enjoy The Wonderful Advantages Offered By Online Shopping For Furniture


Gone are the days when we used to all the way visit the furniture shops and buy the furniture with that hectic process. Internet has completely changed the way of buying and selling the things. Thanks to internet for offering such a convenient way of shopping. Normally buying furniture is a very lengthy process as we have to visit several places, pick the best furniture and then install it at your desired place. Buying furniture online is a really easy and convenient process. This is the reason why many people are leaning towards online shopping for furniture. Following are some important benefits offered by online furniture stores.

Most convenient way of shopping

The best advantage offered by online shopping is that it’s the most convenient way of shopping. You can also refer the Exclusive Furniture Reviews online to select the perfect product. You don’t have to go through the lengthy as well as boring process nor have to waste your time. Most of the online furniture stores are opened for 24X7. So this helps you to buy your stuff at whatever time that is convenient to you. You really don’t have to go out and visit the places. You can shop for whatever you want just sitting on a chair and making few clicks.

Easy payment options

One thing most people hesitate about online shopping is their worry about the online frauds. But when you shop at leading websites you don’t have to worry about the security of your debit or credit cards. There are also few websites which offer cash on delivery option that will keep you away from the worry of using your cards online. When you choose this option you simply have to pay at the time of delivery. Besides this all the payments you make at the top shopping websites are completely safe. Online stores also offer EMI option for buying your stuff. So even if you are out of cash you can purchase the product and make part payments for it.

Best designs

The best part about buying furniture online is you can select your furniture from the widest variety. You can also take help of Exclusive Furniture Reviews. As the online market is being used globally you can find the latest designs and variety of the products. When you shop online you will definitely find most unique impressive designs. This will surely enhance the look of your house or office. Even if you are looking for particular dimensions then you can also easily find it online as the online stores offer great variety.

Easy return or exchange policies

Besides all these advantages there is a small disadvantage of buying furniture online. As you can’t see it personally before purchasing there may be some possibilities where you won’t love that product when you see it in person. But there is a solution. Most of the online retail stores have comfortable exchange or return policies. If you are not satisfied with the product you simply return or exchange it for free. In this case you don’t have to pay for shipping charges. Some stores money return or some offer exchange of goods.

Essential Pieces of Furniture to keep in the Bedroom


Buying pieces of furniture for the bedroom is a challenging task but with an artistic sense, forethought and proper survey of the market you can buy the right bedroom furniture that can dramatically transform a neutral bedroom space into a plush interior. Bed, nightstand, dresser, vanity, chests, mirrors, desks are some of the essential furniture required for a bedroom. Carefully choose each piece of furniture for your convenience and to give your bedroom an inviting look.

The Essential Pieces of Furniture for the Bedroom:

Bed Frame:

Bed is undoubtedly an essential piece of furniture in the bedroom and is available in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. The sizes of beds available in the market are twin, full, queen, king and the California king size. Choose the size of your bed according the bedroom size so that it fits into it and looks proportionate. Some beds are also available with headboards and footboards and customers should purchase that type of bed frame that can be accommodated in his bedroom.


Vanity is a sophisticated piece of furniture that can add a touch of class to a bedroom. This piece of furniture is required for grooming purposes, such as applying makeup, styling hair and so on. From the functional point of view, a vanity is used for storing cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. They are available with mirrors and drawers that are fixed on the table top.


This is another vital piece of furniture to be used in the bedrooms. It serves to keep bed lamps and alarm clocks adjacent to bed for the purpose of providing light for reading. Nightstands are available in a multitude trends, patterns and styles. They are crafted from variety of wood like mahogany, oak, pine, teak wood and are packed with two or three drawers or no drawers at all.


The dresser helps to keep the bedroom organized as it serves to store various kinds of apparels and related fashion accessories. Dressers are available in a host of styles, trends and sizes and are available in the simple three drawer design to the complicated six to the nine drawer types. Dressers are crafted from teak wood, mahogany and etc. They are etched to impeccable finish in Tudor brown, silver, black paint and etc.


The chest is another must have furniture in the bedroom. The main purpose of a chest is to store items. It could be any items from clothes, accessories, jewelry and etc. A chest is rectangular in shape and equipped with a lid. Chests are crafted from wood and sport an elegant look. They contribute appreciably to the opulent interior décor of a bedroom.

Visit our Exclusive Furniture Store in Houston. We have an incredible collection of essential bedroom furniture that includes dressers, nightstands, chests, mirrors, vanities, media chests, desks, benches and etc. We take pride to offer unmatched quality of furniture to our customers at a very affordable price. All our customers are pleased with the stellar quality of products that we offer and this is obvious from the positive Exclusive Furniture reviews we receive from them.

Tips To Consider While Purchasing Furniture Online


Buying your house or home furniture online is the most convenient way of shopping. Online furniture stores are gaining popularity as they offer many advantages to their customers. You can shop for whatever you want just by making few clicks. But there are few things one must consider while shopping for furniture online. Following are few tips that will really help you while purchasing your furniture online.

Measure your furniture size and available space

This is a very initial step one must consider before buying furniture online. Though it seems very small step but it is very crucial as the furniture you buy must fit in your house space. So when you are looking for a particular set of furniture make sure you take the measurements of your available space. To do this simply takes a measuring tape and measure the height, width and depth of the area. For example if you purchased a bed online without measuring your available space and you realize that it does not fit into your bedroom. This will surely land you into a huge trouble. So to avoid this make sure you take that you take the proper measurements. When you take the measurement you can compare that with the furniture you are going to buy. When you shop online all such details about the product are given.

Compare the prize

The other advantage offered by online stores is you can quickly compare the prizes. Every site offers different prize for a particular product. Some offer heavy discount, some offer gift card or even a free gift with the product. To buy perfect furniture you can also refer Exclusive Furniture Reviews. You can simply browse for the furniture on various websites and grab the deal that suits you the best. This will help you in saving a big amount on your purchase.

Consider all the features

When you buy a particular set of furniture you must consider its features. This will help you to get furniture which suits your requirement. When you search for a particular product on an online retail website you can find all the features offered by that product. This will help you to make a smart purchase.

Revive Your Old Furniture With New Looks


So your house is almost like a museum sheltering those very old furniture from your grandparents’ time. Of course you don’t want to get rid of them being so many attachments associated with them, but over timely wear and tear they may degenerate and proper maintenance is required to keep them in good shape. There are many ways and methods by which you can revive your old furniture and get them back their worn off luster. The following discussion would give you an insight about the same.

Seek Expert Advice

To get a successful face lift for your old furniture, first visit a renowned furniture manufacturer and ask for their advice. Exclusive Furniture is one such furniture entity, which you might consider. A leading name in the furniture manufacturing world, Exclusive Furniture would be able to provide you with all the valuable suggestions regarding the dos and don’ts of furniture revival. To check the quality and authenticity of their work, you can visit the exclusive furniture reviews that can be found online. If you wish you can check out their various ranges of furniture items, in case you are keen on exchanging your old furniture with their quality and affordable furniture products.

Rip Off the Surface

You can begin by ripping off the surface down. Keep a lot of newspapers or unimportant clean papers under to protect your floor from spills and trickles. Don’t forget to wear waterproof gloves and keep some handy in order to change when the one in use gets too sticky for use. Make sure you carry out the whole process in a well-ventilated space. Separate each drawers or shelves and resurface them individually. Unscrew and separate the pivots, handles, and apparatuses and refinish them if necessary.

Choose a Proper Surface

Choose a comfortable area that would help you carry out the whole process conveniently and effectively. A horizontal plane would be a good choice. Take a measured amount of the liquid and carefully pour it over the chosen place. To spread it around evenly, use paper towels. Leave it for some time to let the liquid sit on it. Wipe off the excess liquid and use more liquor if required. To clean off intense spots, use a delicate brush and make sure they get even shades. To paint the surface of drawers, use a similar method. Follow and repeat with the other parts of the furniture.

Finishing Off

After you go through all the above procedures, then do not miss this another important step. After you scrape off all the old, worn off coating from the old furniture, use a cleanser and a water solution to wash off the redesigned surfaces to make them spotless. Use clean cloth to make sure they are smooth and clean.

If you find the above DIY to be too complicated and time consuming, simply choose the latest collection of new furniture from exclusive furniture in exchange of your old ones. Do read the exclusive furniture reviews before that.

Innovative Winter Interior Decor Ideas


With gloomy winter season round the corner, it is the time to enhance the interior décor with a warm inviting look with pops of peppy color. Rearrange furniture and move towards your hearth for extra warmth and coziness. Throw in cashmeres, soft, cushion pillows and rugs for a snug feel. Layering is a must to beat the winter chill. Layer your bed with textured bedding, pillows, throws and so on. Bask in the winter sunshine in your living room and toast your cold feet in a soft, cushion rug. Bring some warmth into your haven with some cheery winter décor ideas.

Winter Interior Décor Ideas:

1) Pep-Up with Cheery Colors: Purchase a recliner from our Exclusive Furniture store for your living room for the lazy winter afternoons and stack it up with bright pillows flaunting bold patterns. We are renowned for our furniture, which is obvious from the positive Exclusive Furniture reviews we receive from our customers. Give your room a spark with the interplay of cheery shades and rich fabric.

2) Brighten up with Natural Light: Hanging a mirror on the wall is a good way to make use of the natural light and scatter it throughout the room. Transform the mirror into a decorative eye-catching display by painting the mirror frame.

3) Add Warmth: You can invest in a good dining table and comfortable side chairs. Cover these chairs with slip covers. Chic, white slip covers add dash of elegance and impart warmth to the living room. These slipcovers are very handy as can easily be removed for cleaning and upkeep.

4) Layering Looks Luxe: Transform your bedroom into a cozy haven with layered bedding, lavish cashmere throw and plush bedding pillows.

5) Snug Sheepskin Rug: Warm up your cold feet on a toasty sheepskin rug either placed right beside your bed on the floor or tossed on an ottoman.

6) Comfy Carpet: A fluffy carpet can add texture and warmth to a living room. A white cushiony carpet or rug is not only a style statement and a feast for the eyes; it brings along with it a sense of warmth and belonging.

7) Fireplace Makeover: Focus on your hearth to give it that warmth and inviting look. A large mirror on the wall above your fire place gives it a majestic charm. A lovely decorated frame of a mirror adds style to the living room.

8) Cozy Corner: It is a blissful feeling to snug up by the window with a cup of hot coffee and good book on a cold winter morning. It is a good idea to make a chair or recliner cozy with heaps of soft, cushion pillows. It is the perfect place to soak up the warm sunshine or doze off for a siesta.

9) Pillow Play: Dabble with vibrant color pillows in bold red, orange or purple hues against creamy white sectional, to perk up the aura of the room. Choose from the accent pillows with splashes of bold patterns and shades.

Purchase your furniture from our Exclusive Furniture store that has a good collection. We have  an exclusive store that offers one-of-a-kind furniture backed up by commendable customer service that are very prompt in replacing defective furniture. Our customers are very satisfied with our furniture and this is evident from the positive Exclusive Furniture reviews we get from our customers.